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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Crackdown (2015)

By on 5:27 AM

Releasing on: Xbox One [Pre-Order it on Amazon]
Crackdown is coming back as a Microsoft exclusive title in 2015. The trailer released at E3 2014 showed a multi-man team as they strategically took down some criminal kingpin in his high-security, top story penthouse. But this was no stealth operation. The Agents strapped explosives to a fuel truck, blew up an adjacent building, and launched said fuel truck into the criminal's face.
We haven't seen actual game footage yet, but if it the game looks anywhere close to the visuals on display in the trailer, the new-gen Crackdown will be beautiful. The cel-shaded, comic book style is back, and it seems perfectly in line with the over-the-top action the game's open world allows.


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