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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Survive the nights!

By on 6:24 AM

Survive the Nights :
- First-person multiplayer
- Community based
- Realistic survival techniques
- Unique gameplay
- Windows and Mac builds (What's up with Macs not getting any game love?)
We want this game to feel real, but we remain true to the promise that it will always be fun. The following is a list of some realistic survival activities and characteristics that we're including in the game.
The game will have a large, dedicated and persistent server world. The island we've already created for alpha builds is nearly 40 square miles. We're in the process of designing this world. It's very important to us that the world is full and alive. Everything we design and everything we want to achieve with "survive the nights" has a meaning and a purpose. The following is a list of things we have done in order to make this possible.
- Every structure is enterable and unique
- Every structure is fortifiable
- Boards, planks and furniture can be used to fortify structures
- Booby traps for structures you've invested time into
- Store your found items in buildings and vehicles.
- No uninhabitable spaces
All vehicles are potentially usable. We want vehicles to really have a meaning. They won't be hard to come by, but you might have a problem getting any of them to run. We have planned and implemented an extensive parts list for anything on wheels. Vehicles can also be used as mobile camps carrying all of your goods in their trunks or truck beds. Leaving your fully-stocked car in the wild, unlocked, would be a terrible idea. Removing a part or two should keep it pretty safe. Items can be stored in trunks and truck beds. So you found a nice pile of old barn wood? That'd be great to use when boarding up all those doors and windows back home. You can't stick ten planks into a backpack, right? But you can fit plenty into the bed of a truck or the trunk of a car. Vehicles will be worth their weight in gold in our world so make sure that you take care of yours.
- All vehicles can be repaired or modified.
- All vehicles are fuel based and require and use fuel.
- All vehicles require numerous parts to function.
Another aspect of the game that we have included is extensive item combining and crafting.
- Combine household items to create tools or weapons
- Combine and modify parts for vehicles and equipment
Day and night cycles
During the day
- Gather food and water
- Gather planks and board up windows and doorways
- Set traps around the perimeter of your structures
- Board up structures
- Fuel up your generators and repair the structures electrical panel
- Day-cycle activities define your chances of surviving night cycle
During the night
- Start your generators to provide light and heat
- Activate any surrounding traps or device
- Find your favorite vantage point
- Murder anything that moves
Food/Calorie intake
Food and calorie intake will be a part of your daily routine. Realism will be maintained here. If a player doesn't eat for a few hours, he won't die, but will become sluggish. Death from starvation should take a number of days at minimum. The opposite being true also: a traveller with a high calorie diet will move faster, aim better, carry more weight.
- Trapping small animals
       You'll be able to set small traps with the hopes of catching small game like rabbit, squirrel, rat, moles, etc.
- Hunt larger game
       Go on the hunt for larger animals like deer, fox, sheep, etc.
- Fish in lakes and ponds
       Fishing. Find lakes and ponds use a crafted fishing pole or a found one to go fishing.
- Find canned goods and preserved food supplies
       Scavenge canned and dried goods from all of our abandoned buildings, stores and homes.
- Forage for wild berries and edibles (some may kill you, better google it)
       Berries and edible plants may provide that extra burst of energy you need so greatly or they may make your small intestine come shooting out of your nose!
Take to streams to fill water bottles or activate well pumps in homes to access the water supply.
Maintain body temperature
Our island is set in a colder climate and the game will be set in late Fall, early Winter. Keeping your body temperature up will be necessary for survival.
- Start campfires in the wild
- Power home heating systems.
- Find shelter to conserve heath
Maintain physical state
Broken bones, limbs or bad cuts will make your survival bloody and painful.
Maintain mental state
- Killing other players will eventually result in a mental breakdown
- Blurred vision, shaking hands, voices only the player hears
An important aspect of any multiplayer game is leader boards, achievements and leveling your character in order to move up in rank. People like being number one in stuff, right? Survive the most nights to gain server wide rep. Level your character to better your skills.
- Leveling up will be old school. Do something enough and you'll get better at it.
- Hunt to improve your trapping abilities
- Shoot to improve your accuracy
- Trap a lot to improve your return rate
- Fortify a lot to improve your carpentry skills. You get the idea right?
Weapons tools and machinery
Tools and machinery can be used for many things. You'll need certain tools to fortify homes and buildings, certain machinery to power homes or access water supplies.
Machinery must be maintained or it will fail.
There will be loads of weapons. One thing that we've already had some success working with is using most items as weapons. You'll be hard pressed to find yourself in a situation where you can't defend your life with a weapon of some type.
Being able to place window boards quickly and without worrying about powering the structure first could be the difference between life and a very bloody death.
Weaponry and useable items included
- Screw guns
- Chain saws
- Drills
- Saws
- Compressors used to fill pneumatic tanks, tanks used in tools and weapons.
- Nail guns
- Pneumatic cattle guns
Batteries and chargers
Text based chat will always be available voice based chat will only be possible if you have the right equipment.
- Two way radios will enable voice chat
- CB Radios reach a wider range.



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