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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sacred 3

By on 6:07 PM

Call the Gaming Police--we have a case of corpse desecration on our hands. Publisher Deep Silver has dug up Sacred, a deceased action RPG series with a small but devoted cult following, and allowed a new developer to play Dr. Frankenstein. The result is Sacred 3, a game that will have series fans digging out their pitchforks and everyone else playing an utterly forgettable co-op monster-smasher.
It will be immediately obvious to Sacred fans that this isn’t the game they're looking for. The first two games are known for their extensive open worlds, Diablo-style looting with even more customization options, and complex skill systems that have players carefully balancing power with flexibility. Start up Sacred 3 and you'll be thrown into a gauntlet of linear levels, discover that you can't loot weapons or armor, and find a watered-down skill system that only pays lip service to customization. It's a barebones action RPG with little on offer outside the realm of easy-access co-op play.
It's a shame, because Sacred 3 generally makes a good first impression. The gameplay is simple but initially satisfying: pick a paladin, warrior, lancer, or archer to play, hop right into a co-op session with friends or strangers, and start mindlessly hacking away at hordes of monsters. Uncomplicated controls, simple character customization, and an easy-to-use multiplayer interface makes jumping into the action painless.


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