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Friday, September 19, 2014

Because gold plating is for suckers

By on 11:05 AM

So you say you’re an Xbox Live Gold member, but are you really? Not without this solid gold Xbox One you aren’t. Gatti Luxury Labs has slightly redesigned the current gen gaming consoles to look lavish. The grid themed design on both consoles shows the designer probably has a deep love for Tetris and a hatred of gold plating. Currently each console costs double its weight in gold as these have a hefty price tag of $13,600… EACH. At least it doesn’t cost anything to look at them.
The left side of the Xbox One casing is solid gold along with the analog stick thumb indentations on the controller. The Xbox logo is carved onto the surface of the gold plated side.
The bottom half of the PS4 casing is solid gold, as well as the space around the directional pad and analog thumbstick center surfaces. The PS4 logo is scored onto the surface of the gold plated portion.
If you are in the market for an extravagant looking gaming console to match your wealthy lifestyle, have about $14,000 extra in your gaming budget, or just want a solid gold (not gold plated) gaming console, this is the answer.


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