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Friday, September 26, 2014

Cheats and Secrets- Destiny.

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Hidden Area Near Black Garden

A vast hidden area has been discovered in Destiny. First pointed out to IGN by user David Helberg, (who discovered the area along with friend Jared Johnson), this large, desolate map is accessed through the Black Garden.


The hidden area is reached by breaching a huge green window inside the Black Garden. Climbing to the top of the window (as demonstrated in the video above) and running through the narrow opening on the left allows the player to reach the secret zone.
Sticking left, the player must make a leap of faith double jump to the left beyond the sheer wall to reach the mesa.
Using the Titan's Super Ability and Lift powe rin tandem can facilitate this maneuver.


The area is made up of two large rock formations divided by a huge concrete mesa. A large semi-visible model appears in the sky above. One mesa has a distinctive appearance which some speculate is similar to the head of The Arbiter from Halo 2.
The second rock formation conceals an entrance to Tharsis Junction.
Entering the junction seals the entrance behind the player, and no enemies are present inside. No known exit exists.

Loot Cave Farming

There is a cave outside of the Cosmodrome that features an endless spawn point for easily defeated enemies that drop fabulous loot. Kill the endless respawning acolytes and thralls and they'll drop ammo, gear and engrams (blue and purple included).
Make your way to the Skywatch area outside of the Cosmodrome and kill off the Hive that are fighting against the Fallen. Then locate the cave and make sure you are standing behind the concrete blocks. If nothing is spawning, check the surrounding area for any enemies that may have been missed. Kill them and its back to farming.

Found the Hidden Soccer Ball!

Amazing Black Bouncy Ball! 


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