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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Forza Horizon 2 Offers "Easily Over 100 Hours of Gameplay" for Hardcore Players

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Should you feel compelled to stick with it, Forza Horizon 2 has enough content to keep you busy for more than 100 hours, according to creative director Ralph Fulton
Speaking with OXM, Fulton talked about how a higher-than-usual percentage of people finished the original Forza Horizon. "When we were talking about 'more, more, more'--something that we really wanted to take from Horizon was that lots of people finished our game," he said. "To be honest, a really surprising percentage finished it. I mean I think the standard is like 10 percent of people finish a game and obviously that's across all games, but we were significantly higher than that."
While that's no doubt an accomplishment that Playground Games--developer of Horizon and the Xbox Oneversion of Horizon 2--can be proud of, those players dropped the game altogether once they beat it. "But after people completed it, they left," he said. "They were out [of] the game--there was nothing left for them to do."

Playground apparently took that to heart and has designed Horizon 2 in a way that will keep players busy for a long time.
"[T]his time you'll get to what we call 'soft-completion' in... 15 hours, maybe? That's a good chunk of game. I can play that. But then there's just so much content, so you can try out New Game Plus and so on and so forth--so easily over a hundred hours of gameplay for the super-hardcore, right?"
By offering all of this, Playground hopes Horizon 2 will be something you can come back to months down the line, even once you have something newer to play.
"And I think what's great about that is it means it's a game that you always feel you can come back to and do some stuff then and progress without it necessarily being your primary game," he said. "Months on, when your Call of Dutys and your Assassin's Creeds are out, there's always that opportunity to stick in Horizon 2 again and just continue that road trip."
If you're willing to pay, you'll be able to get even more playtime out of Horizon 2. In addition to some free DLC cars coming at launch, there will be no shortage of premium DLC, including six different car packsincluded with the $25 Car Pass.
Horizon 2 launches next Tuesday, September 30, on Xbox One and Xbox 360. Look for GameSpot's review soon.


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