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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fruit Ninja overhaul adds new gameplay in October

By on 3:12 AM

Fruit Ninja will be getting a major overhaul in the next few weeks on iOS, Android and Amazon as the title's developer Halfbrick Studios has announced what improvements fans of the series can expect.
The new Fruit Ninja has been rebuilt from scratch as the title’s original menus and UI designs have been removed, and in it’s place, a new streamlined UI that makes the steps between playing, equipping new gear and using social features much easier to perform.
At the start of each game, players can once again equip different blades and dojos, each of which will have a unique effect on gameplay. These additions will add a layer of depth and strategy. Examples of the enhanced dojos and blades Halfbrick gave were the Great Wave dojo which will spawn ten fruit at once sporadically and the Autumn Blade, which creates a tornado with every pineapple it slices through. Leaderboards will not only display score totals, but also what combination of blades and dojos the player used to achieve their high score.
The Fruit Ninja update will begin rolling out across all supported platforms starting in early October. In the meantime, Halfbrick will also be releasing a five-part Origins webisode series on Fruit Ninja’s YouTube channel. The first episode, called Ninjas in Training, is available to view today and features one of the game’s newest heroes, Katsuro.


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