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Sunday, September 14, 2014

It appears that an infinite ammo cheat is already being used by some Destiny players following the game's release earlier this week

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As spotted by Kotaku, the exploit enables users to shoot indefinitely without the need to reload or pick up more bullets, providing an unfair advantage in the multiplayer game.
Bungie will be expected to act swiftly to address the issue, and to punish players if reports of the game being modified are accurate. We've reached out to publisher Activision for comment.

More game videos from CVG:

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More game videos from CVG:

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Bungie has detailed a number of upcoming Destiny events, beginning with this weekend's Crucible playlist. The 3v3 objective mode sees players fight to claim and salvage relics on small to medium sized maps, with rewards on offer including Crucible gear, marks and reputation.
A level 26 raid, Vault of Glass, opens next week and promises to offer "your greatest challenge yet". Rewards will include raid set gear and ascendant materials.
Destiny launched on Tuesday, with Activision labelling it the most-pre-ordered new video game franchise in history.
The publisher claimed on Wednesday that Destiny sales to retailers generated $500 million on day one.


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