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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New Titanfall Update Unlocks Titan-Free Skirmish Mode

By on 1:01 PM

Titanfall's sixth major update, which introduces a Titan-free Skirmish mode, is due to go live on Wednesday.

Developer Respawn Entertainment announced the update on the game's official home page, where it also announced that Marked For Death is now a permanent game mode.
Marked For Death nominates one player as a high-value target for everyone else to eliminate, and has proven to be popular within the Titanfall community.
"When we first introduced Marked For Death, we were planning to rotate it out for another mode after a couple of weeks, but the enduring popularity of the mode convinced us to bring it on full-time," Respawn wrote.
Numerous other improvements, additions and tweaks are detailed on the Titanfall update notes found here. They include colorblind support, as well as the option to buy Burn Cards from the Black Market.


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