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Monday, September 29, 2014

Payday 2's Hotline Miami DLC coming this Tuesday

By on 1:43 PM

Two worlds are about to cross paths when Payday 2 takes its first step into the world of Hotline Miami. The previously-teased collaboration between Overkill Software and Dennaton Games now has a release date and teams can begin their heist this Tuesday, September 30.
More details have likewise appeared on the DLC page. The story will see teams attempting to flush out a Russian gangster called The Commissar. The idea is to hit enough of his targets to eventually track him down and do him in. Once that's done, teams can rescue their sequestered teammate, currently in the Commissar's custody.
New weapons and masks are promised for this update, but details will be revealed shortly before Tuesday's launch. Thanks to poster OutlawSundown for the tip.


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