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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Xbox UK gets around ad restriction with 'Destiny: The Fragrance'

By on 2:34 PM

Bungie's highly anticipated Destiny launches on Tuesday and, though it's not a console exclusive, Microsoft does not have permission to market the game alongside Xbox in the United Kingdom. They got around that, somewhat, by spoofing a perfume advertisement.
That's "Destiny: The New Fragrance by Xbox," teased on Xbox UK's official Twitter feedyesterday as well as on this special page, where the image has since been removed.
GameSpot noticed the advertisement before it was taken down. The page originally carried this explanation:
Okay, so here's the lowdown. Destiny is actually an epic new first-person shooter, available on Xbox. Thing is, we didn't have permission to run adverts for the game. So we didn't.
The advertisement was taken down and replaced with a block of text: "Hi. There are some great Xbox One offers available at the moment. Please check with retailers for more information."
An agreement between Activision and Sony keeps Xbox UK out of the marketing blitzDestiny has seen and is sure to see through its launch next week.


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