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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Crazy Taxi City Rush gets dose of Hulkamania

By on 10:27 AM

Crazy Taxi City Rush is going to get a bit more crazy now that Hulkamania will be running wild across the cities of Bay City all month long.
The “Hulkamania Takeover” event will feature the voice, likeness and “signature attitude” of Hulk Hogan in a variety of costumes he’s worn throughout his career. The event will also include bonus gameplay and themed content that will be unlockable and will be available as a free update starting today on iOS and Android.
Crazy Taxy City Rush will give players a chance to hire the Hulkster as a driver as he fills up a special Hulkameter to unlock unique Hulk Hogan-themed customizations for taxis that will add a ride bonus each time it’s played. In order to unlock Hogan, players need to reach level four, but once they do, they’ll be able to use him as a driver to any mission they like.
In addition to Hulk Hogan being a driver, Sega is also holding a Crazy Taxi Hulkamania Takeover sweepstakes that challenges players to share their crazy driving skills on Twitter using the #CrazyTaxiHulk hashtag for a chance to win a signed Hulk Hogan Crazy Taxi City Rush taxi.. Winners will be chosen at random, so players wouldn’t need to make their submissions that crazy. We’re sure just having Hulk Hogan driving around various Rent-A-Centers for promotional gigs would be good enough.


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