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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Pokemon X/Y owners can get Shiny Gengar from GameStop today

By on 1:49 PM

Nintendo and The Pokemon Company are getting into the Halloween spirit with a special Pokemon giveaway, starting today at GameStop. More competitive Pokemon players may want to pay special attention to this particular promotion, because Pokemon X/Y owners can now pick up a Shiny Gengar.
With its origins squarely in the original 151 Pokemon, Gengar remains one of the strongest Ghost-types in the series. Not only does this particular Gengar come in a rare 'Shiny' variety, but it also comes with the Sludge Wave attack, which takes advantage of Gengar's Poison dual-type. Interested trainers can pick up this Gengar, holding the Gengarite Mega Stone, by walking into their local GameStop and picking it up through 3DS SpotPass. It can then be unlocked through the 'Mystery Gift' function on X & Y's main menu.
Fans of the Pokemon Trading Card Game can also pick up the Gengar Spirit Link 2-Pack, which features the Gengar Spirit Link Trainer card. This is to help build to the Pokemon TCG's XY - Phantom Forces expansion, set to release on November 5.
For more on how Gengar can add some ghost power to your roster, check out the video below. The GameStop distribution giveaway will last until October 28.


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